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Chickering School is a place where children learn, laugh, grow, care, and make a difference.

Mission Statement: Chickering School is a place where children learn, laugh, grow, care and make a difference

School Hours: 7:50 a.m. - 2:15 p.m.
Early Release Day Hours: 7:50 a.m.-11:15 p.m.
Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Chickering School, completed in August 2001, offers a welcoming, child-centered setting for learning. The best in technology and other learning tools may be found in twenty-three classrooms, two Music Rooms, an Art room, a musical performance area and two Computer/Science rooms.


Administration and teachers at Chickering have a strong commitment to provide instruction based on best practices. Teachers create an environment that fosters academic excellence and achievement appropriate to each individual student. We support student growth in the areas of responsible behavior, self-discipline, and good citizenship.


The Chickering School depends upon exceptionally talented and dedicated teachers. Their backgrounds, training, and educational philosophy all serve to promote the achievement and social and emotional development of the students in their care. A strong professional development program is a regular part of our work. Teachers use the most effective instructional strategies available to assist students to achieve success and develop a love for learning.

Classroom teachers and other professionals serve Dover students in the areas of regular educational, Special Education, Library, Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology, and Counseling.

Educational Programs

The school curricula are designed to give students a rigorous and thorough learning experience as they go through the early years of their education. They are not only taught the basic skills but also learn multiple strategies to solve problems and to extend this learning to a variety of situations. The Balanced Literacy philosophy teaches children to read, to write, grammar and word study in an integrated and at an individual level. In the EveryDay Math program students learn basic math and expand their mathematical thinking, reasoning and problem solving. In science, social studies and technology students are actively engaged in the learning process from reading and exploring through non-fiction to hands on experiences. Classrooms are equipped with an array of technology as well as interactive white boards. A well-provisioned Library supports all areas of learning and our Librarian/Media Specialist instructs students in research and media skills.

Students learn in a variety of classroom structures; whole class instruction, small groups, learning stations, peer editing and in one-on-one time with a teacher or classroom aide. The school offers program and learning center rooms for students benefiting from extra support services and there is a commitment to inclusion of all students whenever possible.

Our Physical Education classes support our students’ need for exercise and group play. The Fine Arts are highly valued in Dover. Visual art, music, chorus and instrumental instruction occur throughout the school day. Examples include recorder for Grade 3, instrumental music lessons for Grade 4 and band for Grade 5 and art classes for all students, Kindergarten through Grade 5.

The Open Circle Social Competency program is an integral part of our K-5 curriculum. Lessons include conflict resolution strategies, how to make friends and how to recognize and respond to bullying.

Community and Parent Support

Parents are welcome in our school and classrooms as volunteers, guest readers or room parents.

All grades participate in school assemblies and curriculum enrichment activities, which are generously supported by a very active PTO. The Dover-Sherborn Education Fund raises money each year to provide additional resources, such as interactive white boards, for our classrooms

A School Advisory Council, composed of parents, teachers and community representatives, meets monthly to discuss school and educational issues and serves as an advisory committee to the principal.

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Chickering School

29 Cross Street

Dover, MA 02030 

T: 508-785-0480

Fax: 508-785-9748

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Deb Reinemann
508-785-0480 x1028  

Assistant Principal  
Jim Carnes  
508-785-0480 x 1038  

Elementary Special Education Coordinator:

Naomi O'Brien 

508-655-0630 x3153

Special education Team Chair:

Laura Driscoll   

508-785-0480 x1031

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