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What is METCO?


METCO stands for the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity. The Metco Program is a grant program funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is a voluntary program intended to expand educational opportunities, increase diversity, and reduce racial isolation, by permitting students in certain cities to attend public schools in other communities that have agreed to participate. ​



METCO’s mission is to provide students with educational opportunities designed to enrich their academic, personal and interpersonal experiences. It is our belief that the METCO experience should provide a strong academic foundation, as well as an academic environment rich in cultural, educational, ethnic and racial diversity.



​The METCO Program is comprised of a diverse group of students from broad ethnic, cultural, economic and religious backgrounds possessing a range of educational strengths and needs. It's purpose is to:

  • To provide the opportunity for an integrated public school education for children of color from racially- imbalanced schools in Boston by placing them in suburban schools.

  • To provide a new learning experience for suburban children.

  • To foster closer understanding and cooperation between urban and suburban parents and other citizens in the Metropolitan Boston area.

Become a METCO Family Friend!


The Chickering METCO Family Friend Program is committed to providing enriching social experiences for all students. We have METCO students in each grade and are currently seeking "family friends" for these students. Family Friends invite our METCO students into their homes for playdates throughout the school year on scheduled half days. At the end of the playdate family friends are responsible for taking students to Dover Sherborn Middle School at 3pm for their bus ride back to Boston. Some family friends plan joint outings with our METCO families, have students sleep over, and see each other occasionally at school or community events! Our hope is that friendships develop and cultural sensitivity is heightened through each unique relationship.

To become a METCO Family Friend or to learn more about the METCO program please contact Ngoc Kouzmitch at​.



Ngoc Kouzmitch


Dover-Sherborn Regional METCO Information

Dover Sherborn METCO Scholarship Fund

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