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Curriculum Enrichment Past Programs

Audubon Nature Walks
Audubon Naturalist Visits
Barbara O'Connor, author  
Barn Babies
Bay Colony Educators
Big Joe Storyteller
Breaking Through - the Carroll School
Brian Lies, author
Bug Works
Maryann Cocca-Leffler, author
Colonial Music
Colonial Visit from Plimouth Plantation
Cry Innocent
Dave Epstein’s Terrariums, Plantmobile and Tornadoes
David Biedryzcki
David Coffin
Diane Costine's Puppets

Discovery Museum, Kitchen Chem
DS Middle School Sharp 9
Emilie Boon, author
Henry Mazur/Simple Machines
Jackie Davies, author
Jeff Kelly, author
Julie Berry, author
Julie Hahnke (5) 2010
Kids Lab -- Science (roller coaster)
Len Cabral
Lincoln Labs / Dig It and Forensic Fun
Marty Kelly, author
Museum of Science Star Lab, States of Matter, and Weather  
National Geographic Maps
Native American Perspectives
NE Aquarium, Global Ocean
Norah Dooley, author

One Hen
Paul Revere House
Peter Lourie, author
Potato Hill Poetry/Andrew Greene
Sam Valentino, author
Sara Hunter, author
Suzanne Bloom, author
Suzy Kline, author
Techsploration, Circuits+Electricity, Simple Machines and  Weather
Ted Murphy, author
Ted Scheu Poetry Guy
The Recorder Goes to School
Understanding Our Differences
Valerie Tutson, author
W.O.W. Raptors
Wampanoag Visit

Past School-wide Programs and Assemblies

African Acrobats

Amazing Hero Art

Ball in the House

Bash the Trash

Brian Chevalier Song-Writing Residency

Epic Brass

Flame the Band


George Russell Band


Leon Mobley drummer residency

Manguito Latin Band

Odeiko N.E. Japanese Drums

Respect Assembly

Ruby Bridges

The Power of One

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