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Thank you for offering your valuable time and effort to be a part of the Room Parent Team! Room parents are the magic ingredient of every elementary school year. A room parent’s main task is to facilitate communication between other parents and the teacher. This can vary widely from class to class and teacher to teacher. For the most part, as a room parent you’ll solicit donations (paper goods, snacks, decorations, etc.) from parents for classroom parties and events, collect money for teacher gifts during holidays and Teacher Appreciation Week in May, organize volunteers for the classroom for events, and other tasks as decided by the teacher. 

Teachers’ expectations of their room parents vary widely. Some rely heavily on volunteers to pull together all events and parties; others have specific ideas and will ask parents to coordinate only certain parts. Either way, it’s critical to find out your teacher’s preferred way of doing things early on, and stick to it. Being a room parent will allow you some perspectives and opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have.  You will establish yourself as a reliable member of your school community. And perhaps best of all, you will have the opportunity to participate in your child’s school life in a special way!

Helpful Room Parent Documents and Links

Room Parent Policies

Room Parent Cheat Sheet

My Favorite Things

Teacher Luncheon Guide

Sample Email from Room Parents


Ideas, tips and tricks!

Door Decorating Ideas


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Volunteer Services Chair

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