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Here's what you've helped to fund in 2016 - 2017

Each academic school year the PTO provides a total of $5,000 to Chickering School in the form of Teacher Grants. Teachers submit grant applications to the PTO Board in October and together with Mrs. Dayal and Dr. Rieneman, we review and approve the applications. The PTO Teacher Grants are designed to fund classroom enhancements that are connected to the Common Core and School Improvement Plan. We encourage teachers to be thoughtful and and creative in considering their needs and every year they come up with innovative new ideas to help enhance their classrooms and curriculum!

Below is a list of grants we were able to provide this year to our teachers and to Chickering School. In the spirit of our current "Make A Difference" Check Writing Campaign we thank you for your support and are so happy to be able to provide our teachers with these classroom enhancements!


Cheryl Chase, Librarian - KIBO 14 Kit - KinderLab Robotics, Inc: Comprehensive kit includes everything a child needs to cover programming, mobile robotics, and inputs and outputs. Mrs. Chase saw "children" of all ages using KIBO while she was a Teacher-In-Residence at The Museum of Science in 2015 and sees coding (or programming) as a new form of literacy expected of all our children. 

Cathy Chiavarini, 4th grade -  5 Plant Light Houses with CFL to enhance the 4th grade science curriculum and to allow each class to learn and test their inquiry knowledge on plants each year.

Janice Barry and Julie Law-Link, Music Department - 24 Hand Drums. "The variety in size and sound allow students a wide range of creative choices for percussion pieces, and the smaller drums suit the hands of our youngest students perfectly. These drums fill a unique need in our classroom, and we are playing, improvising and composing with them across the grade levels!" -JB & JL

Kara Jewett, Learning Center - 43 Franklin- Spq109 Collins Pocket Spellers for grades 3, 4 and 5 to strengthen spelling skills and visual recognition of words and to reinforce the correct spelling of a word in students visual and motor memory.  

Leslie Hughes, 4th grade -  48 BackJack Chairs, sensory items for student self regulation and to continue to explore and develop student skills with regards to resiliency and stress reduction. 


Goli Sepehr

Tindley Gilbert

Co Vice Presidents

29 Cross Street

Dover, MA 02030

Betsy Police


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