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Here's what you've helped to fund in 2017 - 2018

Each academic year the PTO provides a total of $5,000 to Chickering School in the form of Teacher Grants. The PTO Teacher Grants are designed to fund classroom enhancements that are connected to the Common Core and School Improvement Plan. We encourage teachers to be thoughtful and and creative in considering their needs, and every year they come up with innovative ideas to help enhance their classrooms and curriculum. Teachers submit grant applications to the PTO Board in October. Together with Mrs. Dayal and Dr. Reinemann, the Dover PTO Board reviews and approves applications in November. Below is a list of grants we awarded this year. 


Recipient: Cheryl Chase, Librarian

Grades: All

Project: MAKERSPACE - Student Fabrications and Creation - A wonderful addition to the library’s new MakerSpace, Fab@School Maker Studio is a digital design and fabrication software program. Students fabricate designs in school with the use of a computer numerically controlled (CNC) paper cutter that can cut paper, cardstock and cardboard. The software allows for a quick check to see if a design works, and then helps students make adjustments or redesign their project before building a full-scale creation. This supports all the new engineering parts of the science units now taught at Chickering.  Teachers will be able to bring their students to the Maker space to begin their design and as they are able, to have students continue to test and tweak designs in the class and even at home!


Recipient: Sue Pelletier, Art Teacher

Grades: All

Project: Art Studio LibraryThe Art Studio Library helps to make connections between literature and art. After being read to or reading about artists and art movements, students are often inspired to create an original piece of their own work. This is also helpful for early finishers and for students who may need to take a quiet break during class. Mrs. Pelletier often reads books to the younger grades that tie into assignments regarding art principles such as line, color and shape. Through this grant, Mrs. Pelletier was able to add a number of books about artists and art movements to her library, including an interactive series of books by Herve Tullet, focusing on color mixing and the elements of art, Louise Loves Art by Kelly Light, Art: A World of Words: First Paintings by Doris Kutschbach, Funny Machines for George the Sheep: A Children's Book Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci by Geraldine Elschner, Emily's Blue Period by Cathleen Daly and Lisa Brown as well as books by Peter Reynolds and Barney Saltzberg.


Recipients:  Melissa Baker, Alison Parker, Nancy Powers, Alisa Saunders 

Grade:  Kindergarten

Project:  Social Thinking Curriculum Materials - The Social Thinking Curriculum fosters the development of social thinking and social skills such as self-awareness, perspective taking, self regulation, executive functioning and problem-solving. These skills are critical for our students as they learn to work collaboratively in the classroom and the real world. Development of these skills help children socially, emotionally and academically. Materials purchased include:

In addition, this grant supports the Dover Sherborn School District’s wellness goal of continuing to explore and implement research-based strategies to develop student skills with regard to resilience and stress reduction.

Recipient:  Amy Cohn

Grade: Ist

Project:  Permission to Talk - First graders are curious and energetic. They learn from seeing, doing, showing, sharing and explaining. Talking is actually one of the best modalities in which students can shape their thinking and create an understanding of their world. This grant provided 8 Logitech Stereo Headsets to first graders so they can record themselves clearly while using screencasting and annotating apps in the classroom. With the headsets students can now successfully share their ideas in all areas of the first grade curriculum. This grant also supports the Massachusetts State Grade 1 Speaking and Listening Standards (SL) Comprehension and Collaboration 1, 2 & 3 and Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas 4, 5 & 6 and Chickering School’s Improvement Plan goal number two which addresses teaching and learning.


Recipients:  Kara Jewett, Corinne Bernard, Ken Wadness, Jim Keohane, Nancy McLaughlin, Donna Power, Michelle Corliss

Grade:  5th

Project:  Student Self Regulation - This grant will allow students to explore different self regulation tools that will enable them to be more successful in their learning. As fifth graders, students have learned about The Zones of Regulation since kindergarten. In their final year at Chickering, it is time for students to move from awareness to application. For example, when you are feeling tired and in The Blue Zone, what can you do to help yourself shift? What are some tools you can use to “get back to Green” so you can be ready to learn? Since September, several fifth grade classrooms have been making some sensory regulation tools available for students, and this has proven beneficial for their focus, learning and work production. This grant will make the tools such as Backjack ChairsKick Bands Bouncy Chair Fidget Bands, Noise Cancelling Headphones, Lakeshore Giant Sand Timers, Wobble Stools, and Stability Balls available to all fifth graders in the general education setting.

Recipients:  Kristen Kraeutler, Corinne Bernard on behalf of the study group (Kathy Chiavarini, Stephen Harte, Alison Parker, Alisa Saunders, Melissa Baker, Nancy Powers, Kristen Kraeutler, Corinne Bernard)

Grades:  K, 4th and 5th

Project:  Social Thinking Curriculum Materials - In a collective effort to guide students along the path of increased social awareness, a group of Chickering teachers across multiple grade levels have decided to provide explicit instruction on social thinking concepts. These lessons will be infused within the existing Open Circle Curriculum. The Social Thinking Program materials will help students to better connect real-life experiences to the course content. Materials purchased include:

This grant supports the first goal of Chickering School’s Improvement Plan which is to ensure the social-emotional wellness of our children.


Recipients:  Nisha Hochman, Laura Driscoll, Laura O’Garr, Judy Cronin, Emma Decker, Renee Grady, Jonathan Schenker

Grades:  2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th

Project:  Alternative Recess Options - Teachers noticed that Chickering students with physical challenges are limited to what they can access and play with at recess. Also noticed were students not interested in playground equipment and typical sport type games. These students would benefit from having additional options on the playground that would give them a structured activity in which to partake while socializing with peers. This grant allowed for the purchase of alternative activities including garden size versions of KerplunkJengaConnect FourCheckers, Dominoes, and Bean Bag Toss as well as storage for these fun playground additions. This grant aligns with the School Improvement Plan around improving the social-emotional well being of students by making recess a more enjoyable and purposeful time of the day.

We thank you for your support and are so happy to be able to provide our teachers with these classroom enhancements! We look forward to seeing you at our biggest fundraising event of the year, Chickering’s Biennial Spring Auction, on Saturday, March 24, 2018 at Chickering School. For more information Please visit


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Grant History

2016 - 2017

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